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Anfield works as an multi-family office (MFO) providing a variety of services including lifestyle and wealth management, tax and estate planning, objective financial counsel, and coordination with other professionals.

Family Office Services

How Anfield’s MFO Works with You
Greater Level of Services
Collaboration with your Team of Professional Advisors
Customized Family Office Solutions

How Anfield’s MFO Works with You

  • First and foremost, we listen to you and take time to understand your needs
  • Review, refine and/or create a wealth management plan
  • Establish an Investment Strategy and create an Investment Policy Statement
  • Identify optimal organizational structure, using internal resources and best in class external experts
  • Define and implement optimal asset allocation
  • Ongoing monitoring/rebalancing of investment portfolio within optimal asset allocation and macroeconomic frameworks
  • Prepare regular consolidated financial statements
  • Offer guidance on accounting, legal, insurance and tax issues
  • Review philanthropic and gift planning efforts

With Increased Assets and Complexity Comes the Need for a Greater Level of Service

Anfield’s MFO offers the utmost in flexibility with an open architecture platform and the ability to work with best in class experts as, and when, needed. Our team remains attentive and responsive to your needs and is non-conflicted in their focus. Anfield’s MFO offers you peace of mind by serving as one center for all your family business and financial needs – you only need one telephone number.


Family Office Services

Collaboration with your Team of Professional Advisors

Our open architecture and philosophy make it easy for Anfield to work with your existing professional advisors. Anfield can guide you in the design and selection of advisors to create, or complete, your team.


Family Office Services

Customized Family Office Solutions

Our experience has taught us that a well designed suite of solutions will address a vast majority of client needs. However, our solutions, like the needs of our clients, are individual and we will readily construct a custom solution where warranted.

To learn more about Anfield’s family office services, please contact one of our professionals to schedule an introductory meeting.